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Fabrics for re-upholstery

Fabrics for upholstery have to be very robust to withstand a lot of wearability. However, on occasion I've been asked to recover furniture from lesser fabrics - even from a customer's pair of old curtains!

This is fine as long as the fabric is of a reasonable weight and also that the chair to be recovered is not going to be excessively used. Bedroom chairs etc would be fine as these chairs only have minimal wear and could fair quite well with a lightweight cotton etc.

If you check my fabric range in the photo gallery, you will get an idea of certain weaves that would be suitable.  I do keep a limited stock of fabrics. Some of my featured fabrics in the gallery pages are still available so if you are interested in any please don't hesitate to ask.

Most stockists will inform you of good upholstery fabrics. Just be aware of the scale of the pattern on the fabric in comparison to the size of furniture. If you check my photo page 'Modern Upholstery - Chair D' will give you an idea. Some people may find this pattern too big for a small chair although with current trends it may be just the look your aiming for. 

Braiding and trims for upholstery can be the same colour as the fabric or you may want a trim that completely contrasts with the furniture.


Approximate fabric requirements

Victorian Chair A would use approx 3.5 - 4 metres. However note that pattern repeats will require extra meterage.

Victorian Chair B would need approx 2.5 - 3 metres.

Wings Chairs would need at least 4.5 - 5 metres.

Dining chair no skirt 1.5 mtrs

Dining chair with long skirt 3mtrs

Small bedroom chair 3.5mtrs

Chair  with seat cushion 4 - 5mtrs

Chair seat & back cushion 5 - 6mtrs

2 Seater sofa 2 seat cushions 9 - 10.5 mtrs

2 Seater sofa 2 seat & 2 back cushions 10 - 12.5 mtrs

3 Seater sofa 2/3 seat cushions 11 -  13mtrs

3 Seater sofa 2/3 seat & back cushions13 - 16mtrs

Headboard A (4ft 6 board) would need approx 1 metre as long as the width of the fabric roll allows. You will have to check with the stockist.